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AGCO Oil Filter Models with Cross References

KHD had purchased portions of the Allis-Chalmers agricultural equipment business five years earlier. In MarchAGCO purchased the Hesston Corporation [4] [5] gaining hay and forage equipment as well as technologies such as the grain auger used to unload grain quickly from combinesinvented in by Lyle Yost.

agco oil

Inthey purchased McConnell Tractors, [4] manufacturer of the large articulated Massey Ferguson tractors. AGCO developed the Agcostar line of articulated tractors. Later inthe Black Machine line of planters was purchased.

Inacquisitions went international with the purchase of Iochpe-Maxion in Brazil. SpraCoupe originated in Bismarck, ND. Upon purchase by AGCO, the manufacturing of SpraCoupes was moved to Willmar, Minnesota where the Willmar branded fertilizer tenders and "Wrangler" articulated loaders were being manufactured. SpraCoupe and Willmar products were manufactured in Willmar from to A Finland based diesel engine manufacturer with production in Brazil as well. AGCO announced plans to combine some, and make some only part of a larger brand, or co-branding.

Challenger has seen further expansion with the further consolidation of the AgChem brand into Challenger, and the introduction of Agritalia built tractors and an articulated Challenger tractor.

AGCO Parts

The acquisition was finalized in March Construction began June and was completed in In InAGCO started Fuse Technologies, a smart farming technology division providing high-tech solutions to the world's farmers. Inthe firm acquired the forage machinery of Lely, including balers, loading wagons, mowers, tedders and rakes. This included factories in Wolfenbuettel D and Waldstetten D. The factory in Maassluis NL will be closed in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see AGCO disambiguation.

Operating income. Net income. Companies portal. United States Securities and Exchange Commission. Retrieved April 9, New Posts. Members Profile. Post Reply. So I am at the point of getting this thing fired back up within a couple of weeks. However, I drained everything out of it.

Obviously, radiator fluid I know where that goes. But Hydraulic?

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Transmission fluid? Oil I think but need to make triple sure. For instance, there is a small floating dip stick near the foot clutch. Does anything go in that? Oil - Does the oil go in spout in the magneto assembly where the cap says oil? Or does it go in the other "oil" cap on the valve cover on the engine head?

agco oil

Since you apparently don't have the manuals, do yourself a favor and go to AGCO publications. Do a search there for WD and you should find the WD service and operator's manuals in the list that comes up. If you don't know about the parts books on line go to AGCO parts books.

Click on view books down by Guest user, Enter WD in the model box and pick AGCO Allis from the manufacturer dropdown and the WD parts book will be listed, click on it and you have the parts book to use. The manuals will help you with these questions as well as the other issues you are asking about in other posts. They will give you a starting point and a better idea of what the guys are referring to when they answer.

The scan below, from the Operator's manual, should help you with some of your questions on fill points. Thanks and I do have manuals.

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However, reading these is useless for what I need. What I mean by that is, it will show 2, 3 or 4 places that says oil fill, oil breather, oil sump, etc Or the other areas. The pictures are old and grainy. LOL Not trying to be rude or difficult, just don't want to guess and be "Well, I think the picture shows this area. Oh well, here goes nothing!. Book Top photo: Engine oil goes in where the engine oil sump filler cap is.

The oil sump gauge is the engine oil dipstick. Book Small bottom photo: I found this photo on the web, that someone here once posted thanksand marked up for you to go along with the small photo at the bottom of the Operator's manual page.

HTH Are you ok with what the manual tells you about how to check them? Edited by Jim. ME - 12 Apr at pm. This is helpful and awesome.

Exactly what I am needing. And I believe so on the manual. Nice picture, but ohh so incorrect!! The front location is the hydraulic pump dipstick and this is where you actually fill it with oil. Takes about 6 quarts. The middle location is for the PTO gears and hand clutch.Groundforce 2T has been developed to meet the requirements of small high revving air cooled 2-stroke engines in horticultural and agricultural equipment.

The lubricating film is strong enough to prevent engine lock up in moments of temporary overheating and provides maximum film strength and anti-wear performance. Reduced smoke and clean burning characteristics mean that deposit formation in the ports and exhaust are virtually eliminated. Groundforce 2T is designed for use in the engines of two stroke powered equipment in tool and horticultural hire shops.

This includes chain saws, abrasive disc cutters, angle grinders, chippers, shredders, hover mowers, scarifiers, weed cutters, strimmers and hedge cutters. Recommended for all industrial and commercial washrooms, including those in factories, workshops, construction sites, mines, quarries, farms and stables, where a powerful hand cleanser is required.

Abgel Citrus is a stable formulation, and does not dry out or separate, when properly dispensed. Do not wet hands, apply Abgel Citrus straight from the package and rub the hands together to loosen all the soiling. Rinse thoroughly and dry well. Where a barrier cream has been used prior to starting work, this is removed together with the dirt and grime and further washing with soap is unnecessary.

Immediate use of granules following any spill can stop pollutants getting into drains, and in busy areas save the mess from being trodden around, or being spread by the tyres of fork lifts. Present day legislation makes it the duty of management to be concerned about health and safety, fire hazards, aspects of spills and leaks, and subsequent emergency procedures. Other uses include packaging material to comply with regulations for parcels containing liquids and dirt box litter for untrained pets.

MF Agri Hyd 46 contains oxidation and corrosion-inhibitors, together with additives that minimize wear and foaming. The selection of shear stable VI-improvers ensures that the viscosity is maintained in service.

agco oil

This grade is intended for two main types of duty: such as in machinery subjected to very cold start-up conditions and high-temperature continuous running.

A product ideal for the autumn and winter season. Agri-seal is a special solvent deposited, long term corrosion preventative, that dries to leave a continuous firm wax protective coating that imparts excellent corrosion resistance. It has a low viscosity and surface tension, enabling it to spread rapidly, penetrating into all inaccessible areas and covering all surfaces, however irregular. Agri-seal has de-watering properties and therefore can be used where the metal parts to be treated are wet.

The product is effective in damp and humid climates and gives excellent protection against salt spray, making it an ideal underbody protective. Airforce VPO HV is manufactured from high quality mineral oils designed to maximise pump efficiency and vacuum performance. This oil has extremely low volatility, excellent thermal and oxidative stability, making it suitable for use in pumps operating at high temperatures.

Recommended for use in a wide range of positive displacement vacuum pumps, including rotary vane, lobe, screw and reciprocating designs. Ankor D is a special solvent deposited and acts as a short to medium term rust preventative that has a very low surface tension and viscosity and therefore spreads rapidly.

It penetrates into all hard to reach parts and covering all surfaces however irregular and dries to leave a continuous protective coating of viscous petroleum products and additives that have powerful rust preventative properties.

This product is particularly useful where the metal parts to be treated are wet, because the chemistry of Ankor D has powerful attraction to the metal surface and this completely displaces all traces of water before laying down the protective rust preventing film.

Ankor D is recommended for all short and medium term rust proofing. It is particularly suitable for use in machine shops as an inter operation rust preventative for wet parts.This includes cookies from third party social media websites, which may track your use of our website. If you continue without changing your settings, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on our website. We sell technical publications as standard printed or library items, or, as publication files that can be downloaded or be burned to custom media DVD or USB drive and shipped to you.

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Ok, got it More Information. Welcome Guest! Log In. Shopping Cart Items in Cart: 0. Prices displayed in. Search Options. Keyword s. What do we sell? Pricing Information. Custom Media Pricing.When it comes to replacement parts: If it isn't genuine, it can be risky. Keep your equipment running the way it was meant to. AGCO parts delivers dependability you can rely on with the productivity you've come to expect. Genuine service works in the same way. Providing assistance on the farm or at the dealership, AGCO service is how customers keep their machines running at peak performance.

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Learn more. Genuine AGCO parts and service. Exceptional on their own.

agco oil

Keep It Genuine When it comes to replacement parts: If it isn't genuine, it can be risky. Parts Service. Cookie Notice We use cookies to improve and customize our sites and services.You know how to get the most out of your field, just like we know how to get the most out of our machines. With AGCO Parts, you can ensure you have the genuine parts and products you need to maximize your machine.

Bollettino aib 2003 n. 2 p. 220

It's all about up time. By utilizing genuine AGCO parts you can not only take advantage of our industry leading warranty - months on parts, and a 6-months on dealer installed labor. You can also take advantage of the certifications and knowledge that back every one of our parts and products.

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AGCO Parts provides all of these products and more, all focused on ensuring you maximize your investment. AGCO Parts supplies the power you need to keep your equipment running smoothly. Our Field Start battery line is your genuine solution providing long lasting power specifically designed for your agricultural needs. The increased positive grid weight, heavy duty lugs, upper grid wires and patented HTS alloy help extends the life of your battery so you can stay in the field longer.

These high quality bearing are stress tested and more durable keeping you running smoother. Filters are a critical component of your engine operation, why would you risk putting in anything but the highest quality product to keep your system clean. AGCO Parts lubricants provide your machines with the high quality protection that keeps them running smoothly.

These are the various components that keep your equipment running smoothly. Everything from hoses to lights, we have you covered.

From DEF fluid to paint we have the chemicals made specifically for your equipment. Engineered to keep your machines running smoothly and guaranteed to keep them look like new. We use cookies to improve and customize our sites and services.

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